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SIKSON PU HOSE is made of high quality TPU material to guarantee the great physical and chemical property, we have accurate inside and outside diameter to get high level sealing effect, decreasing the pressure-lost.

The tubing serial includes :PU hose, braided hose, coil hose, antistatic hose, hydrolysis resistant hose.



Excellent flexibility. Small bend radius

Great chemical resistance

Tiny pressure lose while working

Non-toxic and odorless

Working temperature: -20°C to 75°C

Customized available

compared with single-layer PU hose,it has 1.8 times'working pressure and 2 times'service life. 

  尺寸 工作压力 爆破压力 弯曲半径
内径 I.D. 外径  O.D. 长度Length W.P. B.P. BevellingRadius
公制尺寸   Metric mm mm m kgf/cm² kgf/cm² mm
5 8 100 20 60 20
6.5 10 100 15 60 25
8 12 100 15 60 35
10 14 100 15 60 45


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